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Is the Union going to come in and run my business?
No. The Carpenters’ District Council, Associated Electrical Contractors and Local 57 Electricians look at this partnership as a way to improve the relations between Employer and Employees covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement. This is done by improving efficiencies and economies so that both the Employer and Employee may prosper. The Employer is still in charge. We believe that the simplicity of Business 101 is the best way to running any business.

Do Local 57 Electricians have a hiring hall?
No. Associated Electrical Contractors Local 57 Electricians can work for whom they want and in fact our contractors have been known to share labor resources during peak times. An out of work pool is maintained which gives the contractor an option to hire.

Do Electricians in Local 57 earn competitive wages?
Yes. An A Card Journeyman makes $32.52 per hour. Employer contributions are made to the Health & Welfare Fund of $5.80 per hour, the Pension Fund of $5.25 per hour, and the Training and Association Fund of .56 per hour. The Total Package is $44.13 per hour. This wage package enables a contractor to be competitive in the construction industry.

Do Local 57 Electricians have family health & welfare and pension benefits?
Yes. As shown above, the Employer pays into the Health & Welfare and Pension Funds. These benefits are some of the best in the industry. The Carpenter’s pension plan is also one of the best run in the construction industry.

What about drug testing?
All members of Carpenters’ District Council, including Local 57 Electricians, are drug tested prior to becoming a member. Thereafter, all members can be randomly tested at any time, but at a minimum they will receive mandatory drug testing every two years.

Who can become a member of Associated Electrical Contractors?
Any electrical contractor with a collective bargaining agreement with Local 57 can become a member. The AEC also intends to have Associate Members who would be in a business related to electrical contracting.
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